This is your Digital area

Since you DO digitally exist, it's here where you can influance this 'you'

This area exists behind a big wall of authentication and security!!

Instead of your landing-page (.com) or public profile for connections: The stuff you show to the world (like a blog, pictures, );
This section (.digital, etc) also includes other digital ID-s like:

Resume, Schools, Business, Calendar, Sports, etc. This is a (private) section

Since everything is based on my SSN and not my name I can be anonymous on the internet

I am anonymous aswell as in FULL control of my Digital Identity

I can make money by selling my algorithms... Than companies can give me persoanlized ads...

I control my own ID and Data here

From cookies and bookmarks to medication, my health, my origin, my grocery-list, appointments, etc

Since I'm in my own little intranet within the internet, I can surf without all the annoying stuff.

And it will cost me only $40? dollars a month


the future of DIGITAL networking NOW


**=Live streamable